Malakai James {newborn} photo session - Northfield MN newborn photographer

You know that point when your baby is turning into a toddler and it has you longing for those sweet dreamy newborn days again? With a busy ten-month-old of my own, those days of a sleepy newborn are long gone. Thankfully my sister and brother-in-law are helping to fill the newborn void for me with a beyond precious new nephew to adore and I couldn't wait to get behind the camera to capture his sweet little face. They don't get much cuter than this! 

sweet newborn perfection

back rolls and chubby cheeks. what more could you ever need? 😍

look at those eyelashes!

this charming new brother wanted his "baby" pictures taken too  😊

peach fuzz for days 😍

Sweet Malakai you are so loved already! We can't wait to see who you will become, but for now just slow down and stay sleepy and squishy ❤️

Check out Malakai's entire newborn session here!

  • Taila Wade

    on September 22, 2017

    Cute little one! They grow up way too fast

  • Stephanie Lynn

    on July 14, 2017

    Love the one on the blue blanket!

  • Mindy Larson

    on July 14, 2017

    What a sweet little guy! Love the light!

  • Kristy Burrell Roussel

    on July 13, 2017

    What a sweet baby!

  • Robyn Pizzo

    on July 13, 2017

    He is seriously so adorable! I love your use of light and shadow in these pictures. Congratulations to the family!

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